Special Education Needs and Disability Inclusion



Special Educational Needs and Disability Inclusion (SENDI) is an European project aimed at transfer of the innovative methods and technologies for low cost certification that provides progression routes to European Qualifications Framework (EQF) for learners with special needs, especially those with disabilities.


19872035_l-Woman-cleaning-building-hallA competence based assessment framework (P-Scales) was designed by Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency (QCDA) in the UK to provide means of monitoring the progress of learners with the special educational needs (SEN) who were not able to access the mainstream qualifications. The P-Scales are structured in units of learning outcomes and as such provide a ready-made structure for certification. The Learning Machine Ltd has devised a low cost system of certificates based on the P-Scales to allow the learners with special educational needs to achieve formally recognized certification.

DSC02669-JohnMurphyProject partners from ES, UK, NL, BG and CZ cooperate to provide research and development with the aim to identify the key target markets for P-Scales certification for disabled learners in the partners countries and to relate P-Scales criteria to the VET structures of the partners national frameworks.

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