Conference in London

London conferenceWe are delighted to report the success of our final conference on Monday 7th September, reporting on the SENDI project. A good number of people attended the afternoon event in the ASDAN London office in order to learn about the development of the new units, the successful pilot of these with SEN learners and future plans for the project. A number of speakers gave their views on how the project had worked in each partner country and delegates also had the chance to see case studies from different sources. Of interest to those in the United Kingdom was the experience of Victoria English and her students at Gwent College. Students had completed unit certification in Order Picking and this was reflected in both the photographs and text as well as in a fantastic You Tube video showing the Fruit and Vegetable project in the college.

After a lively question and answer session, delegates were able to network and learn how they can engage with and access SENDI units for their own students. This was a lovely way to celebrate the SENDI project so far!